Need Repairs??? Rocket Launchers, Slimie Tubes, Modifications? Talk to the guys at K&R Fabrications. We do all types of Aluminium and Stainless Steel fabrications and custom renovations or fixings made to order.

K&R also do rebuilds and repairs to boat trailers and will quote on any Aluminium or Stainless Steel fixing your heart desires. This is a small part of our diverse company and if you are in a position where you may be able to forward enquiries for Steel Manufacture or On Site Maintenance please send an enquiry and we will certainly offer our best price. We have been in business in the Illawarra for over 40 years and pride ourselves in the quality of product offered.

Workshop Contacts

  • Greg Ashton Workshop Manager - 42 555 513
  • Jamie Reid Workshop Supervisor (Marine) - 42 555 520
  • Phillip Piper Workshop Supervisor - 42 555 524