Image: Coke stacker bridge walkway

Safety is of paramount importance to K & R

K& R has an outstanding safety performance and this is highlighted in the Coke Stacker Bridge Walkway 21C at Bluescope Steel.


As Principle Contractor K & R has been responsible for:

  • BHP Steel (now Bluescope Steel) Hot Strip Mill Walking Beam Furnace Major Overhauls
  • Slab Caster Breakout Recovery
  • BOS No 1, 2 & 3 Flare Stack replacement
  • Energy Services Distribution Systems Maintenance of Gas, Air, Water, Steam lines and supporting structures
  • Blue Circle Southern Cement Kiln Dryer Overhaul
  • RTA Pheasants West Bridge Tensioning
  • Continex Annual Maintenance Shutdown.

These projects have involved - up to 400 people working various shift patterns; no LTI’s; up to $10,000,000 spending; 100% on time delivery (some projects days earlier than program); integration of several subcontractors.

As sole contractor K & R has successfully completed more than 20 major projects in the last 10 years whilst continuing to service up to 12 long term maintenance contracts.