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Bluescope Steel Safety Awards

K & R has operated on the BlueScope Steel Port Kembla site for over 40 years under several different arrangements from schedule of rates, tendered work and 12 separate long term contracts for various departments across the site to lump sum project and capital works.

K&R has been able to assist BlueScope Steel with shut down maintenance, ranging from intense single day shutdowns to extended shutdowns. K&R has been the principle contractor responsible for whole shutdown outcomes in terms of HSE, Scope, Quality, Cost and Timing.

K&R has successfully completed shutdowns at the Plate Mill, Hot Strip Mill (Walking Beam Furnace) and Slabmaking. K&R has also gained valuable experience and hence been able to offer continuous support to many departments across the Port Kembla site. As well as the departments listed in the shutdown work listed above, K&R has supported the following departments: Energy Services, Ironmaking, BOS and Cokemaking.

Examples of Improvement Ideas Are:

  • Installation of Impact Boxes on the Feed End Brick Ring at the Lime Kiln Saving $600,000
  • Design and Fabricate Templates for Scrubber at Blast Furnace, Saving $118,000
  • Redesign Upper and Lower Diffeses into 4 flanged section at BOS, Saving $93,340